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Replacement Windows & Doors

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Window Replacement and Installation

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Can you imagine your home without windows? These glass portals provide more benefits than you may realize. Not only do they illuminate dim rooms with sunlight, they allow you to control the the airflow through your home. They keep rain, wind, and dust from damaging your home’s interior. They provide security by allowing you to observe your property. They also provide life-saving exits in the case of fire or any emergency that requires you to get out quickly.

When your windows are old or damaged, you pay for it every day. Not only is your home’s interior at risk for damage from water and other natural elements, your budget suffers from the inefficiency of your home’s air system. Damaged windows are leaky windows, and your home will lose hot air in the winter and cool air in the summer, forcing your HVAC system to work harder and you to give up more of your hard-earned money. In the long run, leaky windows are far more expensive than new ones.

At Land-Tec, we understand that each part of your home plays an important role. If one part is affected, the other parts suffer. That is why we are so passionate about house renovations. With a bit of excellent workmanship, we can make your home as good as new.

There are many different types of windows out there, and we are familiar with each one. Whether you need a simple repair or a full window installation, we are here to take your windows to the next level! Contact us today!

When it comes to window repair and installation in New York, we got you covered.

 We understand how tough it is to find a reliable and high quality window company here in town.  We have made our process as painless as possible for our clients.

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Land-Tec takes pride in being able to meet our customer’s needs.

 From small projects to large siding renovations, at Land-Tec, we exceed all expectations. Schedule a consultation today by calling us at 516-333-7700. Let’s discuss your next project.

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We Take Pride In Being Able To Meet Our Customer’s Needs.