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Types of Dormers

Which Dormer Will You Choose?

Why relocate and buy a bigger house if you can expand the one you already own? If there is enough space to expand up and out, a dormer is a better way to gain more living space. Similar to an addition, it is an investment that improves both your quality of your life and increases your home’s value.

The Best Dormers in Long Island

Whether you want a Gable dormer in the front or a shed dormer in the back, they are very cost effective because you do not have to change the footprint of your home. By hiring Land-Tec Builders and Remodelers, the job will be done correctly and also add architectural interest and curb appeal.



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One of the most popular home improvement jobs is adding a dormer. Not only is it an affordable option but it adds more space and rooms to your house. Dormer windows and skylights are a great addition when you want a source of more ventilation and natural light.

There are many different kinds of dormers to choose from when adding on to your home. Some of these include:

  • The Gable Dormer
  • The Eyebrow Dormer
  • The Shed Dormer
  • The Hipped Dormer

Each dormer will add more space but, they all have their own benefits and characteristics.


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The Gable Dormer

You will often find these in groups of 3 or more across a roof. These are found on most types of houses and probably the most common dormer style. The are simple and add the most vertical headroom of most dormers. Some add a seat or storage to this area.


The Eyebrow Dormer

Eyebrow dormers do more to make an architectural statement rather than add headroom. They come in the shapes of a half circle or a triangle and serve to add light to the upper stories of your home. Often times they are found with a decorative fan light.


The Shed Dormer

This kind of dormer is often as large as the entire roofline but can be used just as a small addition for some added light. A Shed Dormer gets its name because it looks like a shed that is placed on top of your roof.

The Hipped Dormer

This type of dormer is almost as typical as the Gable dormer. The Hipped Dormer is one of the defining characteristics of the American Foursquare.

The Best Dormers in New York

Implementing dormers onto your home is highly complex and should only be done by expert professionals. We specialize in home remodeling and building dormers. Our team takes never takes shortcuts, only uses the best materials, and take a great amount of pride in our work. Let us see your project through to the end!

Land-Tec Builders and Remodelers are a company that you can trust. We have the expertise in design as well as construction. So, if you are considering a dormer addition for your home, look no further than the experts at Land-Tec. Our team can handle any size job. Get started today by contacting us for a free consultation.

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